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Anti-Choice House Leadership Puts Attacking Choice Before Creating Jobs

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Friday quiz time!

The employment figures for September came out today, and the numbers show that we've got some work to do. President Obama is traveling around the country urging Congress to take action to create jobs and grow our economy.

What is the anti-choice leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives doing?

If you guessed scheduling a vote on yet another bill that attacks women's freedom and privacy, then you'd be correct!

We've learned that the anti-choice House leadership plans to hold a vote next week on H.R.358, introduced by anti-choice Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.).

You might remember this bill from earlier this year, when it was first introduced with language that would redefine rape and incest.

Public backlash forced sponsors to drop that provision from the bill, but, even without it, H.R.358 would still put women's health in serious jeopardy.

H.R.358 would allow hospitals to refuse to provide abortion care even when it's necessary to save a woman's life!

And, it effectively would ban abortion-coverage in state health-insurance exchanges, denying this coverage to millions of women.

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, called the House leadership dangerously out of touch with our nation's priorities:

As President Obama is urging Congress to focus on creating jobs, anti-choice House leaders are promising to move an extreme anti-choice agenda. It is unfathomable that the House will vote on a bill that, among other egregious provisions, would allow a hospital to refuse a woman life-saving, emergency abortion care even if she will die without it. House Speaker John Boehner and other anti-choice politicians do not have a mandate to attack women's freedom and privacy. Lawmakers who vote for this bill will be forced to answer why attacking a woman's right to choose, even in emergency situations where her life is at risk, has apparently become the new jobs agenda.

Why, indeed?

If you're outraged that the House leadership keeps attacking women's health again and again, let your representative know. Tell your member of Congress to STOP the War on Women on the House floor.

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