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South Dakota Bill Would Force Women into CPCs

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Yes, you read that headline right. (After all, it's Valentine's Day, not April Fools'.)

Anti-choice lawmakers in South Dakota have introduced a bill that would force women to submit to an in-person lecture from an anti-choice crisis pregnancy center (CPC) before receiving abortion care. 

CPCs are fake clinics often staffed by anti-choice activists who mislead and lie to women about abortion and birth control. The primary reason they exist is to scare women away from choosing legal abortion care. 

Don't want to go a CPC? Want medically-accurate information from your own doctor? Think you're the best person to make your own personal, private medical decisions? 

Too bad!

Alicia Sedor, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota, who testified against this bill at a committee hearing this morning, called it an unbelievable intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship:

This bill is beyond intrusive. These politicians want to tell women who they can talk to before making a profoundly personal medical decision. It is hard to out-do insurance companies and HMOs when it comes to being told what doctor you can see or where you can access medical care, but the legislators behind this bill are doing just that. They want South Dakota to become the first state to pass a bill that disrespects the doctor-patient relationship and turns women's health care into a game of government mandates.

In addition to forcing women to have an in-person interview at an anti-choice organization, the bill also requires that a patient wait a minimum of 72 hours before obtaining care, which could threaten her health. In a rural state like South Dakota, this could mean a forced delay of days or even weeks, compelling women to undergo later abortion care that poses increased health risks.

In 2006 and 2008, South Dakota voters rejected near-total bans on abortion care by wide margins. But anti-choice politicians in Pierre keep coming back for more attacks. 

This outrageous bill passed out of committee this morning, and could be considered by the full state House as early as this week. NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota is working tirelessly to protect access to reproductive-health care in the Mount Rushmore State, and ensure that no politician comes between a woman and her doctor. 

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