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Pro-Choice Californians Rally, Urge Rep. Lungren to Oppose "Stupak on Steroids" Agenda

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As the anti-choice leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives ramps up its attacks on women's health and privacy, pro-choice Americans across the country are fighting back legislative district by legislative district. 

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Why Lungren? Well, he's a co-sponsor of H.R.3, H.R.358, and H.R.217-- three extreme anti-choice measures that are part of the "Stupak on Steroids" agenda. These bills would severely limit women's access to reproductive health services and cut funding to valuable family-planning clinics, such as Planned Parenthood. H.R.358 would allow hospitals to refuse to provide abortion care, even when it's necessary to save a woman's life!

Instead of focusing on jobs and the economy, Dan Lungren has chosen to back an extreme anti-choice agenda that is an assault on the personal, private decisions of women in California. Lungren, whose priorities are wildly out of touch his district and with California, needs to be held accountable for his support of these outrageous bills.

The pro-choice activists at the rally delivered a letter to Rep. Lungren, letting him know that the American people will not stand for politicians getting in between a woman and her doctor. 

Kudos to NARAL Pro-Choice California and all the pro-choice coalition partners who made this rally a success!

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