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Ohio Bill Would Eliminate a Woman's Right to Choose Before She Even Knows She's Pregnant

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Anti-choice lawmakers in Ohio have introduced one of the most dangerous and extreme attacks on choice in the country

Under the provisions of a new bill, abortion care could be banned as early as the fifth week of pregnancy--before many women even know they're pregnant! Doctors who provide abortion care after that point could face up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine. 

Ohio is currently facing an $8 billion budget shortfall, yet anti-choice politicians in Columbus are making attacks on a woman's right to choose a top priority. In the last two weeks, they've introduced five bills that interfere with a woman's ability to make personal, private medical decisions. And with a new anti-choice governor and state legislature, these dangerous bills could very well become law.

Our colleagues at NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio are fighting against these attacks on women's freedom and privacy. Kellie Copeland, the organization's executive director, called out the anti-choice legislative leadership for pulling a bait and switch on Ohio voters:

Ohio's new legislative leadership campaigned on a promise of creating jobs and revitalizing the economy. Instead, at the first available opportunity, these politicians are pushing an anti-choice agenda that is out of touch with Ohio's values and priorities. Ohio's anti-choice politicians who campaigned on less government intrusion in our lives are actually fine with government intrusion as long as it involves the personal, private decisions that take place between a woman and her doctor.

It's the same anti-choice hypocrisy we're seeing in Congress and in statehouses across the country

Kudos to NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and all of our state affiliates for fighting against these dangerous attacks on women's health. 

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