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Nancy Keenan on After Tiller: What Will Happen To The Women?

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Today, NARAL Pro-Choice America president Nancy Keenan has a piece up on called, "After Tiller: What Will Happen To The Women?":

What will happen to the women?

This central question haunted me Tuesday when I heard that Women's Health Care Services, Inc., where Dr. George Tiller provided care to women for more than 30 years, would close permanently.

I can't imagine the pain Dr. Tiller's wife and children are experiencing. It is a sad day for our country when the very family members who stood by their husband and father as he endured countless attacks are forced--as a result of his murder-- to make a decision to close the medical center that he fought so hard to protect.

I thought about Karen from Pennsylvania, who shared this comment on our blog: "Dr. Tiller, you saved my niece Jeanette's life, you helped our family through one of the darkest, most desperate and unthinkable moments we ever experienced. When we thought there was no where to turn, there you were."

Read it in its entirety on the NPR website.

UPDATED:  It's also now up on Huffington Post... with 161 comments and counting.

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