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A pro-choice federal budget!!

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It's official: Thanks to you, we have a pro-choice federal budget! President Obama signed the 2009 federal budget into law today, and your support for commonsense changes made the following items possible:

  • Family-planning programs are getting a boost. This includes the domestic family-planning program that provides health care, including birth control, to women and families, and international family-planning programs that provide poor women overseas with contraception and other services.
  • Funding for Bush's failed "abstinence-only" programs is trimmed, which is a step in the right direction. Next, we need to change the "abstinence-only" policy altogether.
  • The birth-control price crisis is fixed! Students and low-income women suffered a dramatic increase in their birth-control prescription costs due to a mistake in a 2005 bill. Now they will have access to affordable birth control, which is crucial in these hard economic times.

Passing the budget wasn't easy. Even with more pro-choice votes, we were challenged with not one but four anti-choice amendments filed in the Senate. We beat back one and fortunately the other three never came up for a vote, but these attacks show that our opponents aren't giving up or listening to reason.

So please take a moment to update your Facebook status, tweet, blog, leave a comment below and/or work your social-media magic to celebrate this hard-fought win. You deserve it.

And then, let's get back to work!

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