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Liberty Lowdown: post-election choice victories pick-me-up

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Are you feeling down now that the election excitement has passed? Do you miss the gut-wrenching suspense we experienced before November 4? Well, you're not alone, and the Liberty Lowdown is here to help.

Check out our uplifting (albeit slightly creepy) post-election Liberty Lowdown pick-me-up.

See, don't you feel better as you remember all our fabulous pro-choice victories? This election, we:

-Elected Barack Obama as our next pro-choice prez
-Picked up 20 pro-choice seats in the House and 5 in the Senate
-Made over 635,000 calls
-Defeated another attempted abortion ban in SD
-Sent over a million pieces of mail
-Helped Obama win all the states where NARAL Pro-Choice America volunteers knocked on doors and made calls
-Defeated anti-choice ballot measures in CO and CA

And if that hasn't quite brought you out of your post-election funk, you're in luck! There's still two undecided races: MN and GA.

The recount is still underway for the Franken-Coleman race in MN, so that should keep you on the edge of your seat for a bit.

And tomorrow is the runoff election between pro-choice Jim Martin and anti-Choice Saxby Chambliss for Georgia Senate. So if you live in GA, set the oreos aside and get out to vote for Martin! 

So chin up, all you crazy-for-choicers - sit back and be proud of everything we accomplished this election. Then get right back up and help us reverse eight years of anti-choice policies. We've got a lot of work to do.   

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