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Keith Fimian Refused Employees Access to Birth Control

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Over in VA-11, Gerry Connolly is running against anti-choice Republican candidate Keith Fimian. Fimian is widely documented as being anti-choice and anti-contraception and is even a member of an anti-birth control group, Legatus.

Gerry Connolly, on the other hand, is fully pro-choice and endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC.

Why is this race one that we want to bring to your attention? Easy. First, take a look at this DCCC ad:


Okay, so now we know that Fimian is too extreme for VA-11, but get a load of this next item. According to a DCCC press release:

... Keith Fimian (VA-11) claims to support a woman's access to birth control, a heath care plan for Fimian's company made available on Virginia blogs shows that Fimian refused to cover contraceptives for his employees under his company's heath care plan.

Fimian's plan also explicitly states that even if a woman's life was at risk an abortion would not be covered, a position even more extreme than Fimian's stated anti-choice stance.

"Keith Fimian has proven that he is too extreme for Northern Virginia, given his opposition to life-saving stem cell research and his radical anti-choice views," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Now, we learn that Keith Fimian actually refused the women who worked for him access to contraceptives. Keith Fimian's extreme values are out of touch with the need of Northern Virginia families."

Ordinarily I wouldn't want to re-post what other bloggers have written, but in the spirit of "Oh-My-Goodness-There-Are-Only-Eight-Days-Left-Until-Election-Day," I'm aiming for easy. So, here are some citations, again courtesy of the DCCC, the outstanding Raising Kaine, Left of the Hill blog, Center for Reproductive Rights and the Washington Post:


Keith Fimian's health care plan does not cover "any oral contraceptives used for birth control." [Raising Kaine, 10/16/08; Left of The Hill Blog, 10/16/08]

Keith Fimian's health care plan also included does not cover "any expenses incurred directly or indirectly as the result of an abortion. This exclusion applies to all abortion services including those performed when the covered person's health is placed in permanent jeopardy." [Raising Kaine, 10/16/08; Left of The Hill Blog, 10/16/08]

23 states currently have laws that generally say if an insurer or plan covers other prescription drugs and/or outpatient services, it must also cover contraceptives and contraceptive services. [Contraceptive Equity Laws in the States, Center for Reproductive Rights, 1/4/06]

Keith Fimian has claimed he is not opposed to contraceptive use. From the Washington Post: "Although [Keith Fimian] is opposed to fetal stem cell research and to abortion unless the life of the mother is at risk, he is also opposed to the death penalty, he said. He is not, as some of the mailings have suggested, opposed to contraceptive use." [Washington Post, 9/10/08]

Folks - this is a really big deal, and Gerry Connolly has a great shot at winning this open seat race.

Take a moment to share this with your Virginia-dwelling friends and visit Gerry Connolly's website to see how you can volunteer, donate and otherwise assist in these last days before November 4.

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