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Netroots Nation Nuggets from NARAL: Pelosi and Abstinence-Only

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Oh boy! What a treat! This morning at Netroots Nation, while Lauren and I sat at the Ask The Speaker morning session, we were pleasantly surprised to hear a man ask the Speaker a question about abstinence-only education!

We were pretty excited to hear the question, and even more excited to hear her answer... so take a look below (and I'm going to go ahead and apologize in advance for the not-so-stellar quality of the video. I was taken a little off guard, and there was lots going on around me. But no excuses - I'll do better next time!):

Speaker Pelosi is right - let's protect our pro-choice incumbents and elect more pro-choice candidates so we can protect our reproductive rights and give our kids the comprehensive-sex education they deserve!
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