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Another day, another dangerous (proposed) Bush regulation

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With the excitement and the anticipation of the 2008 presidential elections all around us (go Obama!), sometimes we forget that there's a guy already in the White House who is busy chipping away at our reproductive rights.  But today, the New York Times dealt us a heady reminder with a story about the Bush administration's proposed regulation that is written to discourage health-care plans from providing birth control to women.

The regulation would allow health-care corporations or individuals to consider birth control "abortion" and therefore to refuse to provide contraception to women who need it. The proposal has the potential to undermine hard-fought laws that ensure women's access to birth control.  In addition, the proposed regulation could affect Medicaid and the Title X family-planning program. For instance, staff at clinics or health-care plans that contract for Medicaid services could refuse to provide contraception services.

Not cool. But more importantly, it leaves me wondering: where's Sen. McCain on this issue?

The timing of the story is perfect: a week after Carly Fiorina voiced support for insurance coverage of contraception - something McCain voted against twice. Right on the heels of the epic 8-second silence when asked about that very issue. Sen. McCain, it seems, gets clammy when asked about family planning and birth control...

So, Sen. McCain - where do you stand on this proposed regulation?

[cue crickets]

It just goes to show how important it is to have a pro-choice president in the White House. We need a president who's going to protect our right to choose, and protect our right to birth control! McCain has voted against choice 125 times in the Senate - and 22 of those votes were against birth control.

We can't afford another anti-choice presidency. Please take a moment to take action.

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UPDATE: I've added some more blog posts above (so check them out!), and wanted to add an article from Women's eNews and a post from our president, Nancy Keenan, in RH Reality Check.

UPDATE 2: Ooooh, and another one... this time from bitch magazine. The feminist blogosphere is all over this!

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