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NARAL Pro-Choice America Endorses Sen. Barack Obama for President

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I am so eager to share with you this exciting news, so I'm going to get right to it.

Today, NARAL Pro-Choice America's political action committee is proud to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president.

Sen. Obama has been a leader on this issue in the United States Senate. Since joining the Senate in 2005, he has worked to unite Americans on both side of this debate behind commonsense, common-ground ways to prevent unintended pregnancy. Sen. Obama supports legislation to provide our teens with comprehensive sex education, prevent pharmacies from denying women access to their legal birth-control prescriptions, and increase access for family-planning services.

Please take a moment to watch our quick video (it's under two minutes, I promise).

As you can tell, we here at NARAL Pro-Choice America are really excited about this endorsement, and equally as excited to work towards putting pro-choice Obama in the White House!

Americans have been fortunate to have two fully pro-choice candidates in this truly historic race for the Democratic nomination. But only one can go forward to the general election.

Pro-Choice, Pro-Obama!

What are your thoughts? I hope you'll take a moment to share them in the comments below.


UPDATE: Check out my blog post over at The Huffington Post where I talk more about why we endorsed Sen. Obama, and why now.