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Phill Kline makes GQ magazine

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Though not in such a good way.

Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline is featured in the November issue of GQ magazine in an article that labels him "the most aggressive abortion litigator in the land."

The nine-page article carries the headline, "This man will do anything to stop abortion."

The author of the article is GQ correspondent Andrew Corsello, who focused much of his attention on a lengthy dinner conversation he had with Kline and Kline's wife about abortion.

The second page of the piece bears an image of a fetus with a subhead that says "Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline says he wants to get people talking honestly about abortion, to make people think about abortion. So why has he become the most aggressive abortion litigator in the land, subpoenaing the medical records of abortion clinics and prying into our private sexual histories? Meet the future of the pro-life movement."

What I find bizarre: Kline’s spokesman Whitney Watson said Kline was “pleased with the article.” Pleased? Wow.

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